Hair loss?

My daughter has lost a significant amount of hair due to her embolization. She was warned that she would lose some hair at the sight of the embolization, however we didnt anticipate so much. My question is— She is having her 2nd embolization on the same avm will she lose more hair ? She is already bald in the area of the AVM.

I am not positive but I would say yes, my husband’s hair is still very thin on the side he had his embolization in May

Thanks, it helps to be prepared.

It really depends. I lost a fair amount of hair after my first embolization (due to the radiation that’s used to guide the catheter). I lost less hair after my second, because it was so close to the first embo. I wore a hat for a long time in order to cover the bald spot. Maybe a different haircut could also work, or maybe some fancy scarves and headbands. Maybe even a wig or some extensions?

It will all grow back! See if you can help her have a little fun picking out new headwear to help her feel better about it.

Hi Lisa. I did a search for you…

Aha, I just learned something from your post Lisa - thank you! I’m sorry I am not able to answer your question but can tell you that I have had some hair loss and was expecting this after my CyberKnife treatment earlier this summer, however, didn’t realize that hair loss also occurs due to the embolization procedure. I had an emobilization procedure in Feb of this year so now my thinning hair makes more sense knowing this. And I do have an area at the site of my AVM that is bald too. I did invest in some clip on extensions that does the trick quite well :))!


I had embolization on the top of my head and lost all my hair in that are area. I haven’t had to have embolization in the same place yet so i wouldn’t know about losing more hair there. I’ve had embolization done on the whole right side of my head multiple times and my hair is very thin there. So losing hair could go either way.