Every day, I think about how happy that I’m alive after having a brain bleed from my AVM. My only child, my daughter Adria, is having her baby daughter in January. I remember when I was in my coma of hearing my Mother who passed away, say…you have to stay because Adria needs you and now I know why…I can’t wait to hold my granddaughter and am so happy that I am here to do that!

Thank you Ninibeth…I know my mother is with God and she knew that Adria was going to need me and that this baby would bring me so much happiness! I can’t wait to see her!

So happy for you!!!

Such exciting news! Yay! I’m happy you are here to do that as well :slight_smile:

Louisa, I can’t wait for you to meet her either! Can’t wait for you to share pictures and stores of the beautiful little girl! It’s good that you’re having good, happy days no matter what the reason! Love you my friend!!

Oh boy…went to Baby’s R Us today…lots to see…my brain couldn’t handle looking of it all!

A grand baby on the way - that is exciting news. Congratulations Louisa!

Louisa, how absolutely wonderful for you!! I’m so happy about your grand daughter. Grandchildren are amazing little people…she will give you so much joy and happiness. It is a blessing to have a grandchild; I am truly blessed as I have 1 granddaughter and two grandsons with number 4 due in December and I absolutely adore them all. As they grow up a little, the beautiful face when they see ‘grandma and grandpa’ with such love and wonder…you will just love her to pieces!!! So very happy that we are all here to see these gifts. Take care Louisa and enjoy your happiness, luv, Lesley.