Happy Craniversary!

We are celebrating Lindsey's "Craniversary" today! It has been two years since Lindsey and her fellow AVM Survivor, Jamie, had their Craniotomies. We are thankful for two happy and healthy years of being AVM Free! We hope Lindsey's story will be an encouragement to others. If you haven't already, be sure to check out our Brainbows page on Facebook,


Congrats to both Lindsey and Jamie! It's great to be AVM Free!

These Brainbows are so pretty! Congrats on the 2 yr. craniversary!

FREEDOM!! Two years??, wow, time does go fast! Congratulations Lindsey & Jamie; I too, hope & pray that your wonderful recovery will give others that great word "HOPE"! So absolutely happy for you all, luv, Lesley.xxxx

Good News to hear! I need to order me up some of those brainbows!