Has anyone ever taken Cyber Knife treatment before?

Please tell me your experience about Cyber Knife!

My doctor called me this morning about my surgery. He said that Gamma Knife is probably NOT an option for my AVM treatment. The AVM is located in Pons and which is very close to brain stem, and Gamma Knife could be too strong for surrounding tissues. He basically told me the risks are greater than the benefits by taking Gamma Knife.

Since my AVM is located in a delicate region, it needs to be treated couple of times by radiation therapies. Gamma Knife is one-time treatment only for short period of time, but Cyber Knife can treat couple of times in a short period of time. My AVM is located in a delicate region, doctor needs to treat low dosage of radiation for couple of times (little by little), instead of strong one for one time only.

Is there anyone who has experienced Cyber Knife before?

If so, please tell me your experience about Cyber Knife!


Hello Mariko, of course we have talked online, that I had the gamma knife procedure and I have no reactions/problems from this procedure, I’m sure you are concerned but gamma knife procedure has not given me any problems. I’m sure your doctor will be take care of you, I can see he wanted to you know and assure you what he will do the most carefully for you. Let me know how the first procedure, I think you will be more relaxed. Phil