Has anyone every had cyberknife surgery outside the head?

i’m curious if any has had gamma knife or cyberknife outside of the brain. i have a avm on my hand and i have heard of great results from avm brain surgery. is this a possibility? i would like to know if anyone has done this.

Brooke, I have not had Cyber, however I have researched the technology thoroughly. Accuray is the manufacturer of Cyberknife and was a initially approved for use OUTSIDE the brain. So I would definitely say the cyberknife is the gold standard for stereotactic radiosurgery for non-brain avms. Best of luck -GK

thanks greg, i have been looking for someone who will do ck on my hand, but so far nothing. i can't find anywhere yet. if you know if anywhere can you please send me some info. thanks greg. i will continue in my search. thanks.