Has anyone had this problem or have any advice for me

I have a headache that doesn’t go away and short term memory loss, and confusion. I have vascular malformations throughout my body. The neurologist said my MRI showed no tumors and my EEG showed seizure activity. He said since there are no tumors on the MRI he wasn’t going to do anything about the seizures or my other symptoms. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if anyone has any advice for me. I am tired of the headaches and the confusion/memory loss. I have three children to take care of and this is not a helpful or (in some cases) a safe situation. I try not to be left alone with the kids…I feel like I am the one who needs a babysitter! Thank You ~Jessie~

I have the short term memory loss, a seizure history (haven’t had one since May 17, 2006), and used to have headaches all the time, and I have two kids, so I know how ya feel… For the headaches the only thing I can suggest is Tylenol and to avoid flashing lights, try to get plenty of rest; for the confusion and short term memory loss try playing games such as Sudoku, Crossword puzzles, and really anything that requires you to use your brain… Sorry if this isn’t much help but it has definitely helped with my memory a bit.

Thanks for the suggestions guys! I appreciate it!!

I have migraims, siezures and memory loss. I have been dealing with it for years now. To top it off I also have cancer (CLL). My neurologist will not let me drive anymore and I am going through a series of testing., You are not alone. However, we are alive to see another day. I had a chance to raise my children as you will. My youngest was eight at the time. He learned how to help mommie and how to take care of her. Both of my sons are now grown as very happy grown men. I am by myself most of the day now. With GODs’ help we will make through the days and nights.

Sorry to hear of your headaches. One thing I’ve read about when the medicines don’t seem to work is to try some ‘forced relaxation’. Whether it be yoga, meditation, zen, or whatever. If you can calm your mind, it might help the headaches.

I was a firm NON-believer in such remedies until about 10 years ago. I took a stress management class that started right after work. The gal had us put small thermometer between our thumb and middle finger and read the number. Then she had us close our eyes (still holding the thermometer) while she played some soft music and softly talked us through a visualization: wide open meadow, clear babbling brook, trees swaying gently in the breeze, etc. After about 2 minutes, she had us open our eyes and read the thermometer–mine was 5 degrees warmer. I was convinced about stress’s effect from then on.

Ron, KS

I also have memory problems and speech on math, Before I was up to calculus I was good on math. Know is not even calculus I have to learn from the beginning…I have to or somebody has to remind me what to do or I make a list of what to do next day…Also if somebody speak to my to fast I’m lost…Also if I talking to more then 2 people at the same time and if they are talking to fast I’m lost 2. But at the beginning was worst with headaches and tiredness, hot patches around my body and face…My husband work with me Regarding what to do in the house and with my baby hes checking on my from hes job now is only once in a while…My sisters and mom they do it…Everyday Don’t get frustrated You will get through little by little…Believed me I know what you feel sometimes we are afraid for our kids…Good luck and take care…God bless you…

I have a few of the same problems. There are times when I forget what I was doing or going to do. I am curious as to why they aren’t going to do anything about the seizure activity. I only had one that was the tool that lead to the discovery of my AVM. I have 2 children myself and was at times afraid to be alone with them, but I don’t feel that way anymore. Thank goodness! Headaches I have seen are common in every AVM no matter where they are in the body. Just don’t give up on yourself. I hope things get better for you.