Has anyone had to go on disability?

just needing some advice on what to expect.

I will send you a private message later.

i am still in the proses of getting s.s.i. medicade health insurance came pretty quickly

Pamela, I am on SS disabiltiy now but I had a bled and my disabilities are a result of the bleed. I’ll be happy to share what I have learned about the whole process. Just let me know.

I would be gratefull if you could share with me some of the situations you went thru. I applied in Jan. of 2010 and still waiting to be aproved or denied. I have been to several Drs per there request but no decision yet. very frustrating.
thanks so much.

Hi Pamela. I will contact my friend Ben Morrell on here. I know he had some problems and finally was approved.

Hi Brian. how long has it been since you aplied? What are they telling you?

Thank you so much Barbara.

Just sent him a message,

Hi Pam. I’ll be glad to help you. :slight_smile:
I read that you applied in 2010. Is that right? I’m a little puzzled ,because they have to give you an answer within 90 days. At least that’s how it is here in PA. I was denied the first time. My attorney filed an appeal, we went to court and then I got it.
Do you have an attorney? Feel free to ask me anything you want? I’ll send you a friend request, that way you can email me, if you want.

Ben Morrell

Hi Ben. I have not been or aproved yet. I signed up in Jan 2011. They keep sending me to Eye Drs and Psych Drs. They all said I did’nt need to be working so I know they were for me. I have an appt with a nother Dr. tomorrow Sat. the 20th. I call the disability decession people and they keep telling me they need to get moreinformation.I just dont know what they are looking for. My Neuro Surgen is the one whow told me to apply. I can not go to a lawer until i am denied. Any suggestion?
Thanks so much Pamela.

I have CCM (cerebral cavernous malformations) multiple…Heading to have my first surgery to zap two bleeds in temporal and frontal…I understood this disease does not come under disability until it disables you physically. Does anyone have facts about what the criteria is to meet the social security disability guidelines to qualify? Does you neurosurgeon or neurologist need to be involved?


From what I understand the definition of eligibility is listed on the SSA website. I’m sure you already have it but I’ll list it here anyway…http://www.ssa.gov/disability. From what I understand, they ask five questions… 1. Are you working? 2. Is your medical condition “severe”? 3. Is your medical condition on the List of Impairments? 4. Can you do the work you did before? and 5. Can you do any other type of work? Be aware that there is both a backlog of applications and they ususally deny you the first time around but don’t let that phase you. If you get denied and you feel you should have qualified you can contact an attorney or your local Congress person and they can help you. And yes it will require you to list all the doctors that have treated you and they’ll probably contact them for more info. It’s a lot of work but the website really helps answer a lot of questions. Good luck!

Thank you Suzy for this information…really helps to better understand that journey…You laid it out very clear and thanks for the hyperlink as well. Wishing you all the best

No problem Oleblue. Best of luck to you.:slight_smile:

I consulted with my att’y before I even filed. That way if anything came up - I could ask him what I needed to do. Sadly, we have to play there games and sometimes go for more app’ts that what are needed. One thing I have learned - the S.S. office is looking at test results and facts. The more tests you have that can prove your disability and/or your problems (symptoms), the better off you’ll be. They don’t seem to care what a doctor’s opinion is. Even though the doctors are more qualified to make that desicion than they are. :slight_smile: Heck… at one point, I even agreed to have a neuro-psych exam done. It worked out in my favor - I flunked it. LOL


I am currently on disability. My medical social worker in conjunction with my hubby applied while I was in the hospital. I was approved pretty quickly and started receiving SSI benefits within 5 months, I believe though that how long it takes for processing varies from state to state.

I want to add: I know how frustrating this can be. I was off work 1 1/2 years before I finally got my disabilty. I also didn’t apply for it until I was off 6 months. Once I got denied, I was approved a year later (that’s when I had my hearing). My att’y also told me: “Not to work at all, not even part time. While I was going for disability” That it could ruin my case. It was tough. But, I got through it and, so will you. :slight_smile:

Hi Pam. I am going to post a link here because there maybe some info on it you can use…
I have some friends who use this group…
Still sending positive thoughts your way!

This is the maximum it should take …Kudos to your social worker and hubby for jumping on it…Good for you…Healing is not only physicial but financial too…Blessing to you Carolina