He is home

Sep 9th we drove to Hollywood like we have been doing for the past five weeks only this time we got to come back with Chason in car to go home!!! So happy and excited to have him home!!! Now comes the unknown… How to manage a 4year old, an eight year old and now my soon to be but already acting like it:-) thirteen year old who isn’t yet walking, talking some and requiring alot of attention because although his brain had no damages thank God… Due to the bleed being in his cerebellum his coordination was affected so walking or seating or any everyday tasks requires some to total assistance!!! What once was easy for him now requires alot more energy and effort to get it accomplished! He is determined which has his neurologists, therapists and doctors assuring us how they feel he will make a full recovery it is just time!!! One day at a time!!! So now our norm will just have to be recalculated and restructured to tailor to Chason’s needs and also to keep the girls involved as much as possible! I’m sure it will be changellenging and not without it’s frustrating moments but God doesn’t give us more than we can handle!!! Just so grateful to have him home and seeing the smile on his face it’s priceless

Hi Jana,

Glad your son was able to come home. His age should really help speed his recovery.

One of the things I had previously heard or read is that after an event such as a head injury, the most (and easiest) ability to recover occurs within the first six months. Not that recover doesn’t occur after that, but the body is generally able to recover function easiest within the first six months. I can’t quote a source on this, but it sorta makes sense.

Based on what any physical therapist or other recovery specialist explains to you about his case, I would encourage you to make it a big priority to devote a lot of time to his recovery. You walk a fine line though, not wanting to burn him out on trying to improve.

If possible, I would contact friends/church buddies/family to give you a big hand for several months. They can help care for your daughters and / or work with your son, and help you maintain your home so that you can devote significant time to his recovery. I’ve heard lots of stories about efforts such as these; my wife was part of a group of about 20 volunteers that helped hold and speak softly to a newborn. I don’t recall the exact details of what was wrong (maybe premie?), but the medical team said the best treatment for this baby would be for it to be held and stimulated almost 24/7. This team did it for a month or so, and the baby did fine after that.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most of your friends/family will likely love to help you out, but won’t know what to offer.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Congraulations on getting Chason home. I can only imagine how challenging the next several months are going to be with your children being the ages they are and with Chason needing so much care. Like Ron said your friends and perhaps church would likely love to help you so let them. The first few months of therapy are really important for your son. The earlier and the frequency of physical therapy is crucial within the first few weeks following a bleed. I don’t know how feesable it would be for you, but perhaps you could have a physical therapist visit your home once or a couple of times a week? If not, I’m sure you can show friends the best way to help him. That would free you up a little to do some things with your girls. I’m also certain that your girls will be eager to help in any way they can. My girls were 6 and 9 when I came home from the hospital and they did all they could. Best of luck to you!