Head aches after AVM surgery

hello. My 10 year

My ten year old son suffered a massive headache a few nights ago. He had an AVM removed last September. He only had a MRI a week ago which still shows bruising in his brain. How long after surgery is it ‘normal’ to get headaches?

This varies greatly among individuals, Rebecca. Some have no headaches, and others have them periodically for years after treatment. I am sorry your son is experiencing pain -- it's no fun for anyone when kids suffer. Anything new and different should be reported to your son's avm doctor. A neurologist or pain management specialist may be able to help your son if the headaches become an ongoing situation. I hope this was a one-time experience, however.

As mentioned this can vary and I can confirm after 4yrs i still get headaches from time to time...if it gets serious and simple pain relief doesnt seem to work then it would be advisable to seek medical advice ASAP...God bless!

how is your sons headaches going? im 15 months post AVM surgery…was succesfully removed. my first year of recovery was practically flawless then january of this year i had my first partial seizure. im currently on seizure meds…the off brand of keppra 500mg/twice a day. again i didnt have hardly any headaches if any my first year of recovery now im getting so many. really intense ones. dont know if i should call it a migraine but they hurt. sometimes they feel warm inside too…which is weird to understand but they feel warm but from the inside of my head. & it’s the side where my AVM was removed so it trips me out a lot.

Hi Rebecca, This answer will vary with each person, I had a bleed which caused my headaches to start and they haven't gone away yet (2 years ago) , but they have gotten better, It must be so hard for both you and such a young boy to understand what's going on (I have 3 sons and my eldest is 8), You doctor should be able to help a little as there are meds that are available (not sure due to age) for people that have this pain and these meds do not take the pain away but rather just make it very manageable. I'm now thinking that I'm luck to have just headaches and see the positive side of things (Having survived a brain haemorrhage and 2 brain surgeries) , Has his doctor suggested any further treatments for his pain ?, Thanks and take care