Headaches after embolizations?

hey everyone,

ive been really struggling after my 3rd embolizatioin, frequent headaches. ill go weeks without a headache and then ill have a week solid of brutal headaches. i never really had headaches like this before my embolization. right now im managing most of them with hydrocodone, but on days like today ive had ones that the pain is so severe that i actually cried. ive told this to my neurosurgeon before when the headaches first started and he was blaming it on sinus or anything else other than the avm. im to the point where i just need something to manage the pain and im getting a consult from another doctor which my current neurosurgeon recommended, but the wait is like 2 months to get in? i really dont know what im going to do. anyone else have a similar experience?


Hi John,

Our experience was that the specialty doctors are well, specialized. We discovered that neurosurgeons seemed to know very little or at least shared very little about medications to control seizures.

We found that it took the neurologists to understand and prescribe medications. They seemed to be the orchestrators guiding us to surgeons and specialists.

If there is a neurologist you have been seeing for the embolizations, I would try to get back in to them, rather than to yet another doctor to find out about treating the headaches.

My two cents.

Ron, KS

Hi John, Yes, my brother( beside me in the my profile picture) after embolization has headaches and he even cant walk straight for the pain he takes pain killer only. Last week his seizure last long and he was rushed to the hospital where he did not wake up for three days, he stayed in ICU for 5 days, he had NGT and an artificial respirator ( ventilator). In God’s goodness he is a little bit okay now but still in the hospital. He will be scheduled for the second embolization but we still have to wait for some funds… he still have headaches most of the time…


My wife had gone through the coil embolizations (twice) and she is suffering from severe headaches too. She was on hydrocodone but that was too much for her and started throwing up. she is scheduled for a surgery on dec 9th. Arent you planning for a surgery?