Headaches and vision problems with extreme dizziness

Does anybody have frequent headaches? I have had spells in last few months of double vision and so dizzy cannot walk, then 30-40 minutes later I slowly return to normal before a splitting headache hits. I then take Imitrex and headache goes away for a day or week. I have had about three of these spells over the last two months, then none. Anybody experience this sporadic type symptom?

My frequent headaches is how I was diagnosed with my AVM. My husband finally convinced a doctor that I really did need a CT (which led to an MRI…and so on and so on).

I don’t get dizzy, but I do get visual aura–more so since I had GK for the AVM & crani to clip my aneurysms this summer. In fact, my vision became pretty blurred at school today. I took two Tylenol right before lunch & was feeling better about 45 minutes later.

I seemed to be getting more frequent aura, with a change in location of my headaches, so I had an MRI a couple of weeks ago. It came back good, but my neurosurgeon wants me to see a neurologist to figure out the headaches. I see her on Thursday.

Thanks for the information. I have had headaches since i can remember and i am 47 years old. Neurosurgeons have told me that my headaches were migraines and not related to AVM. I have always been curious how many people with AVM’s had Migraine type headaches and have migraines after having AVM fixed or removed. I had proton treatment in 1986, surgery was not an option at the time. I treat all headaches as a migraine until i get dizzy and loose balance then worry. I am healthy and happy 26 years following proton but worry about children and especially the oldest one that suffers from bad headaches.
I hope you continue to improve as I did, keep the faith.