Headaches associated with an AVM in a particular area?

Hi everyone.
I am wondering if anyone knows if migraines are associated with AVMs that are located in a particular area of the brain? Thank you…:slight_smile:

Hello-I am not sure, but I get a migraine only about 1-2 times/year, more if I’m stressed. My neurologist told me though that the headaches have nothing to do with the AVM,but I beg to differ. You can read my profile on where my AVM is located…I have not treated it yet.

I have chronic migraines that are a result of my avm. in doing research many sites will say it is not from the avm but my neurosurgeon and other doctors say it is definitely likely. If your gut tells you it is the avm most likely it is and needs to be checked further into. most medicines for treatment of migraines we shouldnt take for the increase risk of bleed is there. just some info i have researched thoroughly with my doctors and mom.

definitely. nearly every headache/migraine I get the pain is exactly where my AVM was.

well i had alot of head aches/migraines when my anurism and AVM were present, and when it was bleeding i thort my heas was about to explode (thak God for good hospital drugs) from my exerenice go see your Docktor and discus your concern. My Dockot said that the headaches i was havign could have been from the bleed. i have head aces now in difernt ares and i know that the are from the brain damage i recive when the anuirsn burst but they are slowly getting les after 6 year and yes they seem to be in cerain ares but we are all difernt so go see your Doctor

I had a bleed/ craniotomy a lil over 18 months ago. I never had a headache before, but ever since I have constant tension headaches and migraines either every month or every other month. Docs claim there is no relation btwn the AVM and headaches but I dont believe them.

Ask about topomax. It was life changing for my headache severity.