Headaches, seizures, dizziness and weakness after GKS + BP 134/96 ADVICE PLEASE!

Has anyone else experianced this?

At 3am in the morning following my GKS on 23rd Feb I had 3 grand mal seizures, and possibly a forth on the afternoon of 25th... but I was left alone at home for 5 hours so no one knows - all I know is, my mum said she spoke to me on the phone at 2pm and I told her I felt ill and was going to bed, hubby came in at 6pm and I was fast asleep and i did not wake until mid morning on the saturday. I have no memory of waking friday morning, any phone conversations... nothing, friday has completely been erased from my mind!

I am on Phenytoin 300mg for the seizures and I had a ct scan before they sent me home which showed there was no bleeding and I'm waiting for a follow up appointment locally - which hasn't come through yet.

Ever since the op I have had really nasty headaches, my vision goes blurry, the whooshing and "white noise" in my head is driving me insane but worst of all is the weakness and fatigue. I am having support from social services every morning to get my daughter (who is disabled) up, washed dressed, fed and to nursery, which dispite only being a 100 yard walk from my house, I cannot walk to pushing her buggy! A member of staff is bring her home for me.

I feel really bad this afternoon, so I thought I would check my bp... at 3.20pm it was 132/93... an hour later at 4.40pm its increased slightly to 134/96. I have been resting all day.

Do you think any of this is related to the GKS, as it seems to be dragging on a bit, it's been 2 weeks, I expected to be feeling better than this by now.

Do you think it's worth going to A&E for another brain scan to be on the safe side?

Thanks for the support.

I was admitted to hospital that evening, I had another seizure and the Phenytoin levels in my blood were too low, so thats been increased, they are also changing my meds gradually by weaning me onto Lamotrigine, so at the mo I am taking both until upto the right dose of the new one, then the phenytoin will stop. I am also on 4 grammes of paracetomol to try and keep the headaches under control, but thats not really working. The weakness in my right side is no better. I go back in 3 months for follow up.