These headaches are starting to drive me crazy. I never had headaches until after my seizures were controlled and now I have them ALL the time. Theyre daily. Only on the left side of my head by my temple. I mean its better than having seizures but it would be nice to be symptom free. I guess my avm just wants to remind me that its there… like I forgot…

Christine… I feel your pain. My headaches are pretty much constant as well. My perscription meds do not take away the pain they just make it less noticeable. Sometimes I don’t even take my meds as I like to be able to do things and not be in a complete “fog”. I wish you the best and I totally agree that our AVM’s want to make sure we know that they are always there.

Hi Christine,
I had my bleed 13 years ago and suffered headaches every day after, rangeing from mild aches to shooting pain, to the headaches from hell that only going to hospital
could stop. I saw a Neurologist at the hospital last time I was there and she put me on
a “Beeta Blocker”, which is some kind of blood pressure tablet. I am on a very low dosage once a day (she doesn’t seem to know how such a low dosage works, but it does) I still get the occasional ache or mild shooting pain, but nothing like it used to be. I do not know if these would work with you, but it is worth talking to your Dr.
Mind you my neurosurgeon didn’t mention these or any other tablets for 12 years???
I love my new Neurologist. I can sympathize completely with you. keep me posted as to how you go.
Take care Amanda J

I too suffer headaches and sharp stabbing pains. I was never really a “headache type person” and rarely ever took an aspirin. Now since the beginning of June, I have had a non-stop headache. At times worse than others but not much helps. I am going to have cyber knife to treat my AVM, but have been told that could take up to two years to kill it off. Not sure if I can deal with these darn headaches for two years. Due to other medical issues, I have had my mitral valve replaced, I take blood thinners, so there are lots of meds that I can not take. Most days the headaches are also accompanied with severe dizziness…I have to work, so life goes on,but it truly is a “PAIN”…