I've been having the most awful headaches lately at my left temple. My AVM is in my left occipital lobe, so I'm not sure if they're related. I've been trying to change many different things to try and make them stop but nothing seems to be working. Advil has been working, but I hate constantly relying on medication for pain relief. This is more of a venting post, I'm just sure the AVM community understands what I'm going through. My Gamma Knife procedure is in less than a month, and I'm just afraid I'll have more headaches after the fact.

Hi Becky, I have an AVM in my left occipital lobe and I get migraines all the time too. It seems that caffeine is my trigger. Whenever I eat chocolate, drink coke, coffee or black tea I get a migraine. Or I used to get headaches everyday when I was on birth control. Any hormonal imbalance sets off migraines. Maybe try keeping a journal of what you ate before you get the migraines - it may help you figure out your triggers.Hope this information helps you.

Hi Becky. There are certain foods which can trigger headaches such as processed cheeses or any food containing tyramine. Avoid foods that have been in the refrigerator for over a day. Some members say a certain type of vitamin regimen has helped them. A lot of the sites I looked at recommended that you keep a diary/logbook so you can keep track of any changes which might affect the brain. Good luck with the GK!