Heard from nerosurgeon

So I saw the nerosurgeon tues. We have decided on surgery. He says it couldn’t be in a better spot to operate on. But I’m a little freaked out about it. I really don’t know what to expect. He says I would spend 2 days in ICU then about a week in the hospital. Is there alot of pain? How fast will it take to recover? Any comments would help In understanding the surgery.

what part of brain, what type of procedure

Cranitomy. Right frontal lobe

carroll dye said:

what part of brain, what type of procedure cHIP

As I just said on a previous post, no you won’t feel much pain in your head since it will be very numb, but you will still go through a lot of other types of pain, it’s not an easy process.

It’s hard to say, every single operation would be different, but from what I remember, one of the doctors telling me is that it should be at LEAST 6 weeks before I start going back to school again, if that means anything or not. But really, after something like this, it can be a very long road to recovery. Good luck.