Hearing nothing from your neurologist

so i've been waiting from the 29th of feb for my results from my MRI scan and i've still not heard anything from my neurologist, i've tried phoning him several times but still the only answers i'm getting are that the hospital that did my scans haven't sent them over to him, and now he'son holiday till the 12th of april. my whooshing behind my right ear is getting worse and and louder. is seven weeks too long to be waiting for results and answers because i'm really getting fed up with waiting and i don't know what to do anymore any advice would be great

If I were you I would be fed up with waiting also. Have you tried calling the hospital that did the scan maybe they can at least tell you why they haven't sent the scan to your doctor

In my experience (providing I have my MRI's done locally), I usually get results within 1 - 2 weeks from the neurologist.
Since your neurologist is on holiday leave, is there another HCP (your primary?) who you can request the hospital send the report to? (in addition to your neuro).

I was diagnosed January 2011, had angiogram June 2011 and still waiting for a date for my first of many embolisation treatments. That's the NHS for you. It's crumbling.... Hope you get sorted soon. Take Care Susan

Yes, 7 weeks is too long to wait. I think this is one of those times when you need to be your own best advocate. There has to be another doctor at your neurologist's office that is handling your neurologist's patients while he is out. Call them and demand answers. You are not being unreasonable in wanting to know the results of your MRI.