Heat & Hot water!

Does anyone have any problem with heat or taking a hot bath? I can’t take a hot bath(I love to soak in a hot bath). I can’t take showers anymore because of the dizziness, and I got tired of injuring myself from falling. I didn’t want to break a bone. I can’t stand when it’s hot ither. It makes me very sluggish, tired, weak and more dizzy. I had the dizziness before the surgery and that’s what made me go to the doc, but they eventually said that the anuerysms doesn’t cause you to feel dizzy. I asked my doc how does he know that for sure, did he every have one. (Ha! Ha) I think that was a way of my body warning me that something was wrong I don’t care what the doc says. I just reread this and I was like everyone may wonder, well does she take baths…Of course I do. The water has to be warm not hot like I would prefer.

I haven’t experienced what you are mentioning BUT I think you should do what you are doing and listen to your body. It could be that the Doc is right and your aneurysm isn’t related to the dizziness or heat sensitivity but that doesn’t mean that something else in your body isn’t warning you! It doesn’t have to be a serious condition that makes your body give you warning signals to avoid certain things - it could be something very simple but either way, always listen to your body’s warning signs and go with your gut feelings!

I hope someone on the board has had a similar experience that they can share with you to help.

Take care and keep following what your body tells you. :slight_smile:


If you’re getting dizzy, it must be something. Don’t keep it to yourself - there has to be an answer. Perhaps your avm is located in your cerebellum which controls balance. That happened to me - but would have been obvious to the doctor. Keep asking.

Hi Eloise,

I don’t know the answer, and my AVM isn’t in my brain. BUT I have had docs warn me against hot showers as well (especially right after treatment when I’m not 100%) because the steam can actually make you a little light headed. I’m not completely sure of the entire medical part of it, but something about not getting enough oxygen. But like you, I love HOT showers. A few times I didn’t take that advice, and I’ve actually fainted twice…luckily I felt dizzy enough to get out of the shower and call for hubby before actually passing out. So maybe something like that is happening to you? Not AVM related per se…
I hope you find the answers.

Thanks to every one for your replies, I really appreciate it. I’m thinking that it’s because of my menieres disease that’s what I’ve heard from a couple of doctors, but I realize that the doctors are human just like us, just educated in certain fields. I try my best to get more educated, it’s just hard to retain the info in a lot of our cases though. Again thanks guys.

Nope… its just tat when I stay too long in air-con room. I tend to react slower and my feet sort of jam abit… Somtime its quite embarrassing when u wan to stand up to walk and everybody looking and me limping to d door… urg… (mostly hot here than cold… ill go to library if it gets too hot n sweaty)