Heat Wave

I’m in New England and this heat has been terrible the past week. Anyone else experiencing headaches? Wondering if the heat/humidity has anything to do with it? I’ve been experiencing a headache for a few days now. Similiar to the headache that I had leading up to the discovery of my AVM. It hasn’t ruptured, but part of it clotted off and moved a little. I had radio surgery in April and I’m scheduled for an MRI in October to monitor it’s progress. Not sure if I should be alarmed with this recent headache or if it’s just a combo of stress and the weather. Anyone have any thoughts?

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Oh my God yes…its the change in barametric pressure…I am a human baromter… I live in Jersey and with temps in the 100s its insane… contact your dr…always always better safe than sorry sweetie…could be a combo and not to alarm you but your dr. should be made aware of changes in your health anyway…Personally though my head has been horrific… but again CONTACT YOUR DR…they only know what we tell them… God bless and keep cool… xoxo Mare

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I am not very sure about the heat/humidity and heat index,…but I can say for sure, I feel the comming low pressure systems. (ie) For that matter any change in weather pressure. When ever there is a storm front approaching the area I live in,…I can feel it in my “headaches”,… (which is a different “headache” from my stress or tension “headaches”). Please note that I an not having as many headaches as I used to, due to the fact that I am practicing a form of “Zen” meditation. But the “low pressure” headches are still a given.

But if this is a deep concern of yours,…ask your physician/neurosurgeon.

Hi Kerry,

I have trouble with heat as well. Hope it gets cooler soon for you.

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