Hello everyone

several years ago i was diagnosed with spinal avm t2-t4
after embolization im still not able to walk
but one night i just thought of putting a bottle of hot water down
my lower posterior leg and i was amazed that i was able to move my toes
the hotter the bottle of water the wider the range of motion
from that day on i dipped my legs in hot water with salt
doc don’t know how heat was able to make my toes move and i even failed the
ssep (somato sensory evoke potential) test
to everyone don’t give up hope that easily

Hey that is pretty cool!!! Glad you found that one out,hopefully it will keep getting better!!! Goes to show you,medical doctors can only go so far…:slight_smile:
Take care,Pat and Britt

That’s great news!!! I’m sorry to hear that you can’t walk. My Mom is paralyzed, she lives with me so I know all about it. There is a silver lining in every cloud. You have your mind and ultimately that is who we are, our mind.