Help for a friend suffering from basal ganglia AVM


I need your help with what ever information you can give me from your experience abt AVM.
My very best friend suffered from basal ganglia AVM bleeding last week and she is in coma right now. her right part is paralyzed she is unable to talk, understand anything. and doctors say she has dysphasia now too.

Please help me… did this happen to you too? how much time did it take for you to recover. did you join some therapy for later…

Even the smallest part of information helps…

Thank you.

I am sorry to hear your friend suffered a bleed from her AVM. I was lucky my AVM was discovered after a nasty headache and seizure. AVMs are nasty things! I wish you and your friend all the luck in the world and she will be in my prayers.

Welcome, I have my avm on left temporal lobe…Mine started when I was taking a shower…Suddenly a I had a strong headache with a seizure on left part of my body ( is the part that controls speech wich right know I’m having trouble md said that, was a big AVM…I had a Craniotomy done…But he was not able to removed all, since the last of my avm was so little that I’m waiting for radiation…Sorry this happen on 11-26-08…later HE was trying to removed with an Embolization but the avm was located on dangerous part of my brain that’s why he decided to get the next step Wich is radiation…Sometimes it is along Journey, for some of us…You have to keep strong for your friend, and thanks for been around your friend Because friend and family are the one that keep us going…Good luck and take care…(sorry that I could not help you with The basal ganglia question)…