Help please

Hello guys!

It’s been a little while since I’ve been on here. It’s coming up to one year since my rupture and this year had been a tough one to say the least. I need to update you all on my progress soon which I’ve not yet gotten round to due to my depression taking over

Anyway, I’ve got some queries. As far as I can work out, I think I my period is due. Today I have had the worst headache and can barely stay awake. I’m currently in bed battling the sandman as I type this! Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I think my panic levels are doubled recently due to it being a week from my anniversary.

Any help whatsoever is highly appreciated

Thank you!!

My mom and I discussed my anniversary date and how we wanted to deal with it. We had lots of support from friends and my school and had a caringbridge site where everyone could write to me even though i was in a coma for a while. It kept track of my recovery progress from my initial admission. So, on my anniversary of the stroke I began reading that caringbridge blog/diary - you can read it at Finn Nardie-Warner. But, then we picked an anniversary date to celebrate. I chose the date I came off the ventilator and began breathing on my own. After all, dates are only dates. I get to decide which one are significant for me. So, I picked one where I was being successful.

Hi Gemmily,
I'm sorry your headache is hurting so badly, I can relate to that. Part of me hopes you'll fall asleep soon so you don't feel the pain. Just wanted to say and I'm keeping you in my prayers. Sweet dreams.

My sister never had migraines until she went thru menopause. The doctors asked her to keep a record of them. Guess what…she had a migraine every 28 days! Her gynecologist said hormones have a huge role when it comes to women and headaches. I hope you feel better soon. BTW…almost all of us feel odd on our first anniversary of a rupture.

Hi gemmily,

I think all of us on here can understand the depression side of things and it can be a hard thing to get through when you have those days, maybe your headache is because you are getting stressed about the anniversary, I know when I get stressed I get a lot of pain where the part of my skull was removed to do the crainiotomy.

as far as the menstrual cycle is concerned its something I unfortunately dont have any experiance with ......maybe because I am a man though that is :-)lol

I was told the other day by my neuro psychothepest if you rub your fingers in circular motions either on your temples, or the centre of your forhead or the back of your neck this can help reduce tention and stress levels, I do tend to do the cirular motions with my fingers on my temple when I get the head pain and it does ease it slightly , it could be worth a try.

hoope this has been of some help for you and hoping you feel better soon x