Hey Guys,

Its been awhile since i posted thing...good news im almost at my 5 month post op...amazing how fast times goes by. im back to work and trying to get back into the swing of constantly tired and find myself sleeping in on the seems like its all i want to i dont mind i love to sleep buy boy talk about exhaustion..i never experienced anything like this.....I am having one problem hoping someone can advise...i have a burning,numbness,tingling, hyper sensitive to touch sensation on my dr said its bc i was my position in the OR was face causing all the pressure to go in my legs...he said it would get better but its hurts so bad at times. Im suppose go in to see a neurologist in a few weeks bc my surgeon no longer needs to see me but it seems like he brushed my concern about my legs to the side...its very annoying..was wondering if anyone has experienced this??