My husband has very bad headaches, nausea and becomes disoriented. He is scheduled to have embolization done in 2 weeks and shortly after that he is scheduled for Gamma Knife surgery. What are the side effects? We have 2 small children I am trying to figure out if I will need a babysitter for a short time or maybe longer.

When his headaches come lights, sounds, smells all become a problem for him. I am trying to be supportive of the procedures but I am scared to death for him. A couple of weeks ago he was having one of the headaches and he kinda passed out but he was awake and he could not respond or move. Is this a seizure or more like a stroke. His neurologist has not been able to answer that question. I think that is why this procedure is scaring us so much.

If anyone can help or has any advice please do.

Hi Katrina,

it sounds to me like your husband is suffering with very bad migraines like myself as i become very sensitive to sound, lights and smells. i also get get nausea. I am under a neurologist myself and he is the most hlpful person i have come across. iam due for an embolization in september an have not been warned of any side affects just that i am going to have to take 6 weeks off work at a time depending on how well i recover. But i have not actually heard of the side affects apart from that my migraines could become more often and become more painful, god help me if this does happen.

I hope this helps you, and good luck xx

I just had my first embo on the 7th. If you go to my page and read my blogs about it, you will have an idea how I an others have reacted to it. I will say that for me, the first week after was just awfully painful and disorientating. This week it seems to be getting better. However, each person may react differently…just know that we are here for you and your husband, Katrina.