My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed 2 years ago with a facial AVM on her right cheek. We always thought it was a birthmark. When she had a panorex xray her orthodonist stated something was definately wrong. We went to a specialist in Rhode Island who told me that she should be seen in Childrens Hospital in Boston. We went to the vascular anolomies clinic and we were told she had a stage 1 Avm. She had a major bleed from the inside of her mouth at the age of 6 but still was unaware of the avm. My daughter has never complained of it until last week. On Thursday I took her to the emergency room because her face started to swell and became very painful. The treated her with codine and antibiotics. Her face is still swollen we are due to meet the doctors tomorrow and I am very scared for her and dont know what to expect. any suggestions

Sherri- I sent you an email a few minutes ago. Please check out my website and blog and let me know if you have any more questions! Read the “my story” part as it explains how we discovered my AVM at around 6, my bleeds, and the progression over time. I think you may be able to avoid some of what I have gone through. I know it is scary, but I really beleive that you are in good hands at C’s B, and that they will be able to help Maddy!!!


Shalon im just seeing this now and i guess what scare me is that maddy had a major bleed at 6 years old from inside of her mouth right around where her 6 year old molar came in this was before we knew about the avm. At first they thought she had an artery that grew wrong and that the 6 year old molar cut through it. Now we know so differerently

Sherri- That sounds very much like what happened with me as a child. Crazy bleeding from my gums while brushing my teeth, and at the dentist. Trips to the hostpital with no explanation. Cauterizations at the dentist office. It took a trip to the dentist where he could NOT stop the bleeding and had to rush me up to Stanford Hospital for diagnosis. And then life began with the AVM…

Hi, Sherri. What happened with the doctor on Monday?