Finally made it across the pond for treatment. Met Dr Suen yesterday and amazingly he came out to see me as Ill with bad migraine. Fantastic to meet him, goodness he knows his stuff. He plans to remove the avm and do extensive plastic surgery tomorrow. Just wow!! So brilliant to finally be in safe hands. God Bless America!! Thank you all on this site, without you I would not be here now about to get treatment. Xx

Yay for you, Loulou and thanks for posting this blog. You will be in my prayers tomorrow. God bless you!

It’s amazing what this site can do. I’m happy for you Loulou!

We will be eager to hear, Lou, how it all turns out. We look forward to hearing from you soon. All the best!

Saw the team again today and surgery could take up to 15 hours. My goodness hope they get an early night! Thank for your comments, it means a lot. Xx