Hi everyone

hope everyone is doing well. i haven’t been on in a while; have been very tired. january 6th marked two years since my bleed; i am still in therapy, going slow. any advice about therapy; my left side is still too weak to walk. i have looked into oxygen therapy and stem cell; anyone try it? i have been seizure free for over a year; feeling fine just get depressed over therapy. i will be coming online more often now; hope to speak to everyone again ! my son passed his road test today, very excited about it!

aislinn xx

It is good to hear from you, Aislinn! Congratulations to your son. My son is taking driving lessons now…how fast they grow up!

Aislinn, being depressed is normal. It’s so easy to give out or give up after all you’ve gone through. But don’t give up! You’re seizure free so that’s a big step. Continue you’re therapy and keep us all updated on your progress.

what are you taking that got rid of the seizures?

How are you doing? I was curious whether you did the Oxygen Therapy or not. Either way, can you please elaborate on your experience? Thank you.