36 years Congratulations.
How was the AVM discovered? Technology has changed so much since then.

Thanks for sharing your inspiring story!

All the best,

I LOVE your attitude and congrats on 36 years of being a Survivor. Your message can certainly be of help to many and gratitude is something we can probably all practice more often. Thanks for the reminder.

thank so much,jackie

Hi its my 20th year post AVM bleed and I wish this site was available then as I felt very alone. Everyday is a blessing. I hope our messages help those who are going through this at the moment.

HI Jackie, Congradulations to you. just passed my 5th yr,awesome, thanks for the pep boost.

Hi Jackie,

Thank you for sharing your good news with us. Wishing you many more years. God bless.

April 10 marked the 56 year since AVM craniotomy. I am fine even though I lost so much vision. It has been an enormous struggle, but it made me tough. And talk about no technology like there is today.

I agree with you. I think a lot had to do with my age at the time the AVM bled. I was 8 or 9. I did not realize much then, but as I got older and still get older it does get more difficult with the vision problem. In 1959 there was no rehab, no one made a huge deal about me because we had a large family, and I was told by my mother not to talk about it???? Even the high school did not know anything about my physical problems. I tried to hide it. I did terribly in school, never went to college, but learned secretarial stuff in high school. I was a paralegal with a State Dept. of Justice for a long time.So, I ended up learning on the job, I am an intelligent person. and I was good at what I did. Slower than others, but the lawyers loved how accurate I was, and that I could catch their mistakes sometimes. I always wished I was a lawyer. Thanks for your comment,Ed.