History against illness: dystonia, AVM and gamma knife, craniotomy

Around 1996, I felt the symptoms of dystonia in the right upper limb. AVM is found in the left brain by MRI examination. Size was 25mm. I received a gamma knife treatment in 1996 and 1999. Then I continued to MRI observation on a regular basis until now. Tumor and cyst was found by MRI examination a year ago. The size of the cyst was enlarged to 4cm in one year. Had never felt symptoms due to the presence of AVM. At the discretion of the doctor, I was removed by craniotomy the tumor and cyst. Surgery was successful thanks to the excellent doctor. Living tissue that was removed by surgery were examined by histopathological examination. As a result, it was found to be benign. Aftermath of surgery has not been found.

I leave the hospital tomorrow. However, it is necessary to undergo an MRI examination on a regular basis in the future.

It is not known about the relevance of dystonia and AVM.

I worked on another method for treating dystonia. Symptoms of dystonia are currently lost.

It sounds like you are doing well, Hideaki-san. How did you treat the dystonia?

Hello dancermom.
Thank you for your comment.
I am learning to ice dance as a hobby.
Also, I play the classic guitar as a hobby.
I think for people to be playing musical instruments and dancing, that's dystonia symptoms fatal.
At the time I was diagnosed with dystonia, I was told that there is no effective treatment.
I made my way own based on autogenic training and stretch.
By performing every day this way, symptoms of dystonia has improved little by little.
I think I want to describe in this blog for more details.