Hmmmmm......not really! Granted yes I live in the woods, but not desperate. I have 3 tents, sleeping bag, plenty of clothes, 24/7 hot coffee, good food, kitchen, shower, great gear and even carpet in my tent. I am in better positions then most.

I've been through California, Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee, N.C, S.C, Gorgia, Louisiana, Alabama.......I got around! Lived in the woods with/without tents, wild beasts, crazed junkies, drunks and others you really don't wish to know.

But I am not homeless. I have plans to leave San Jose quite soon. Next will be seeking YOU! I may be coming soon. I wasn't to see more of you and see how the avm survivors are doing. I have learned how to bring help.....and I want to see us grow!

(!maniacal gigles!)
408-■■■■■■■■ call or text at any time. What town first............???

Hi Swami J - Although I'm what some might glamourize as a high-class vagabond, my curiosity won't rest about you having 3 tents. You obviously sleep in the one, but what are the other two for?

Glad to hear from your again. Living in the woods gives you something wonderful to wake up to every morning.

Take care,

One for the tribe!

I was just thinking of what you always say and how it makes feel better when things are rough: "Blessed be!"

Your sister by choice,

I’m just re-looking at this and am thinking, “ewwww!”

This is definitely something for me to work on in the near future.

Sorry about that. Please accept my apology.

Swami Jim you are the best.