Hotel Rooms- AVM Walk- Who's coming?!?

Ok everyone. I have three hotels that I think will work (and a few others I’m iffy about) but have only heard back from one so far.

All hotels are close to Crissy Field, include breakfast as well as parking, which is sometimes hard to find in the city!!!

So far we have heard back from Hotel Del Sol- a little pricey I think.

Here is the offer that we received from the General Manager-

I am going to suggest a two-tiered rate based on the number of rooms you reserve. For 5 to 10 rooms, the rate will be $135 for Sunday to Thursday and $151 for Friday and Saturday. This is a 20% discount of our current rates. If you are about to actualize more than 10 rooms, the discount will be 25% so the Sunday to Thursday rate $127 and Friday to Saturday $142.

This will apply to double/double rooms, queen and king rooms. We will create a 10 room block to start, but monitor it to see how many are being reserved and can add more rooms if needed. Since almost half our rooms are double/double, the block will need to have at least 6 double/doubles. We don’t require any financial commitment, however in exchange we will require a 45 day cut off date. In mid March we will need to release the rooms back into inventory, but will still honor the rate if the rooms are still available.

I’m waiting to hear back from the both Marina Motel & La Luna Inn. I think we will get much better rates from both of these.

Will update when I hear more! And then we can decide which will work best for our group. Please let me know if you plan on attending and will need a room. The more rooms we reserve, obviously the better discount we will get!

ya, that is per night. Which is why I think it is probably too expensive. I was hoping to get a better rate from them cause it is so close, but I think I have to look for something else. I wanted to get a feel from everyone on whether they all thought it was too expensive as well…and that I wasn’t just cheap!!! :slight_smile:

I am going to check to see what kind of air,hotel,and car packages I can get. Usually if you book all together the rates are lower. I’m gonna check to see if I can request that hotel and see what kind of rates I get if I also book the flight and car with it. This is good that we have time to check around though. We’ll get something good…I can feel it! My plan is to fly out Friday and fly back home on Wednesday or Thursday. Just depends how many nights we can afford. Just waiting to get my tax return filed!

Lianne! Work on that hubby! That would be AWESOME!

Lianne said:

Wow! I am definatly out of that hotel! would never be able to convince the hubby of that too! I

Ok- This one may be a better option…

Same amenities as far as parking, close to Crissy Field (closer actually) and a continental breakfast included. But the regular rates are under $100, as low as $69. So I’m imagining a discounted group rate will be much more affordable for everyone. I sent them an email, so I will let you know when I hear back.

I’m thinking I can get someone to drive by and check out the location and the “look” of these just to make sure we have nothing to worry about.

Lianne- any of the hotels that are close to Crissy Fields (mostly on Lombard St) are going to be “safe” in theory. The Marina is a nice area. It’s just that some hotels are going to be older and cheesier than others. If you make a reservation as a package online, just make sure it is close to Crissy Fields, or the Presidio.

I’ve got Scott helping me with “thumbs up” on the ones we get info back from.

You’ve gotta convince hubby to come!!! Or at least convince him that you should come! ha!

I talked with the lady yesterday (she wasn’t very nice) and they were priced close to the Hotel Del Sol. Her offer was for $125.10 per night. I didn’t think that was enough of a difference from HDS and that she wasn’t nice enough to make it a good option…

Hey, I have another GREAT idea! Let’s all camp out at SHALON’S HOUSE!!!

HA HA …just kidding …!


Hey Kim- check to see what kind of rate you can get at the Travelodge as part of a package deal. If that really does end up being the best rate for everyone then we should just plan on doing that and not really worry about the discount so much for those of us close by.

You think???

And sure, everyone can camp out with us in El Dorado Hills!!! Bring your tents…hope you don’t mind the big black dog in the backyard. I’ll talk to Josh about picking up the doggy doo before you pitch the tents! :slight_smile:

Closing this thread as the details for the hotel can be found here.