How are you handling the bills?

I’m totally no expert on universal healthcare either…but honestly with my AVM it scares me!!! I’m in contact with a girl in Canada who is NOT being given the opportunity for alcohol embo’s because her OWN doctor is fighting her appeals! How crazy is that!!! And doesn’t it seem like a conflict of interest for him to be the expert witness against her? He now also won’t even talk to her and basically communicates to her through her oral surgeon. And yet she is forced to have him as her doctor…crazy…

If I didn’t have this AVM I think I would probably love the idea of universal health care. In fact, I still think it is a good idea…in theory…

This is the case for me, because I am doing freelance work. You will be offered health insurance regardless of pre-existing condition if you work for a company (or govt) that has a group health plan, which is most large companies and the govt.

During the period you are unemployed, if you try to start your own business, or do freelance work, getting health insurance with a pre-existing condition becomes more difficult.

Again, working for the government or a large company should get you coverage.


You’re right, and that’s why I DO think it is a good idea. I’m just scared cause what if the government told me I couldn’t go to Colorado anymore for alcohol embo’s because there is a perfectly good doctor here in California that does glue embos!!! It isn’t the same thing and I would be devestated. And that is what has happened to my friend. She is outside Toronto and her A-hole doctor is some fancy shcmany university guy. She is trying to come down here to Denver. She is also now trying to get in with a doctor in another state/provence but Dr. H-hole is fighting that too. I’m sure this is the exception to the rule. But it still scares me for my particular situation…

As I understand it-As long as you are never without insurance they have to cover you-even when you switch insurance- but you can not have even a day between insurance companys. This is the law-I checked since we switched insurance companys and I wanted to make sure Camille’s treatments and appts would be covered.

we are very fortunate. since my stay was over the holidays last year, my friends had these boutiques where they sold stuff and donated a % to us. Also many people, some we knew and some were complete strangers, sent us gift cards for shopping. those really helped.