How big is peoples avms of the brain?

After reading various blogs and discussions i was just wonder how big peoples was and coming to the reality is my avm pretty big compared to average i don't think you ever realise just how dangerous it is no matter how long your knew iv knew for 2 years now and iv had 3 bleeds the last being a month aho had 2 failed embolisations and had radio surgery 2 months ago. I am just interested to know the size of others as mine is 5cms in size.
Many thanks

Hey..mine was 6x 3 cm in size, several feeders from the arteria cerebri media and deep venous drainages to he sinus rectus and the Vein of Galen.

5CM, DRs said it was "large".

Ron, KSS

(5 x 1.5x 1.5)cm :)

Mine is 6 cm. Luckily, I already knew it was big. When I went in for my post GK/discuss aneurysm treatment appointment, the resident pulled up my scans, his eyes opened wider, and he said, "That's big." Yeah--nice bedside manner.

Mine was just discovered in April. Thankfully, no bleeds. I had GK in June. Crani in July for the anuerysms. Will have another round of GK mid-December.

My AVM was diagnosed on a Friday afternoon. I was at home taking a nap post-MRI, when my family doc called to say head straight to the lab to pick up a copy of the scans & then head straight to an e.r. The e.r. sent me home about midnight, so on Saturday, my husband popped the disk into his computer & started looking at all of the scans. He used the measuring tool on the scans/software, picked up his ruler & came to my desk & held it up next to my head. He studied marine biology & fish reproduction, not neuro, but it is biology & he found it fascinating.

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I was told my AVM was 5 cm also deep in my occipital lobe


Hello. I was told that mine, which was in the right frontal lobe, and is now removed, was the "size of a golf-ball", so, about an inch and a half or so big (I'm not sure how many cms that is).

Mine is 2.2x2.5 not sure how big that is..

HI! Mine is located in LEft frontal lobal 3.5 cm...

My son's was 3 inches by 3 inches by 5 inches. It is the largest "intellectually intact" survivable AVM so far. It is on the Vein of Galen. He also had an aneurysm the size of my fist./p>

Hi mine was 3.3 x 2.1cm About 1 sq inch. It was on the larger diameter of size that they like to treat with one session of GK however the volume was OK at 7.4mL. 12 months later to the day it was obliterated with some swelling. Don't lose hope my docs told me they had successfully obliterated larger AVM's than mine with just one session too.

Hello lianne, pre-surgery I was told mine was approx 3.5cm after the MRI. When my surgeon started the surgery, it ended being 6.5x3.4, also with large feeders etc. It was in the left side temporal & posteria lobes. However, here I am, a survivor!!!! All the very best, thoughts & prayers are with you. xxxx

Sorry about the late reply, what treatment did you have? i had a mri 3 weeks ago mine how now shrunk too 3.5 cm but i have now got brain swelling cause by radiotheraphy.

Thank you everyone for your feedback. A recent mri showed me avm has shrunk to 3.5cm but i now have brain swelling which is covering most of the right side of my brain which sucks. I am on steroids 4 times a day so fingers crossed it goes as iv been like this 3 weeks and no sign of improvement the pressure appears to be getting worse!

Mine is 2.4cm x 2.5cm x 3.8cm, with a pretty large cyst alongside it. I’ve had two bleeds in the past year, and am weighing my options with which surgeon to go with. Is regular brain surgery an option for you, Lianne?

Hi Lianne, From what my neurosurgen told me, size does not matter when it comes to an AVM...It's the location that is the most important. My AVM was small but in the left posterior temporal lobe near my sinus.

Sometimes even if it is larger, but near the front of your brain, they can operate and remove it.

Like me, sometimes it's way back in the brain. All they can do is radiation and hope the radiation takes the AVM away. However, having the radiation takes time for an AVM to go away.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers! Stay Strong and Stay Positive, it's all we can do.

My son’s was 3in x3in x4in

I was told that mine, which was in the left frontal lobe, and is now removed, was the size of a satsuma. That is what my neurosurgeon told me, it was in 2002. I went back to work and I retire in Feb. after 25yrs. I was out of work from Feb. to Nov.

Hi Lianne - you know what they say...big feet, big...I mean big heart...big AVM. I really don't think that anyone ever said that; but I I'm a self-proclaimed trend-setter so...

Really, I didn't realize just how huge my AVM was until I saw my CT-Scan or MRI - whatever it was. I was told that it was the size of a golf ball; however, in the x-ray, if it's the size of a golf ball, I don't think that anyone would ever "wiff" the ball.

Plus, if we use my AVM-trend-setting-logic, I have a super-huge heart =)

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