How is everyone doing?

It’s been one year and one half since my brain bleed. There are days when I feel so strange, not normal.

I had to see a Skin Doctor yesterday…you need to have your skin looked at every 2 years because the sun can cause skin cancer. My brain feel so strange going to see that Doctor, by I don’t know. But anyway, I talked to her about my AVM and that some people don’t understand that you are still not normal even though it’s been for 1 1/2 years since my Brain Bleed.

That Doctor was so wonderful talking to me. She totally understood what an AVM is, what a brain injury is and how some people think you are normal around the 6 month mark after your Brain Bleed. The truth is that maybe I will be normal again…but maybe I won’t.

She totally understood I was feeling. She told me that even my siblings don’t understand that I’m not normal. Even my daughter doesn’t understand that I’m not normal. I wish my husband where alive, but it’s possible that he wouldn’t understand that I’m not normal. It’s not like a broken leg that heals in one month.

Well, I just needed to tell my friends at the AVM Survivors Network.

Hope all of you are doing better,

Yes, no one understands that we aren’t normal except for those of us that have been there. Even my husband, who is the most supportive man in the world, will never get it. We look so normal on the outside and no one knows what we sometimes struggle with very little things. It’s good that your doctor is so understanding and helpful. And rest assured, there’s always people here that know just what you’re feeling! You hang in there too and be well!

It’s so true! I will pray for you and hope you get on Disability soon. You need to get everyone helping you to get on Disability. In the meantime, I will pray for you!

By the way Trish, I don’t know if you did, but I worked for 35 years and paid money in case I was ever disabled! I feel bad when people think you don’t deserve it. Yes, there are some people that never worked and are on disability because of drug addition, etc…But it upsets me that they are on disability and they don’t think we are injured.

Hang in there sweetie…Again, I will pray for you!

I too have worked since I was 15. What makes me mad is that this is my money that I worked all those years for and now can’t get to. Perhaps I should take up drugs too? :).


You and are are exactly alike. I started to work at age 15 and I continued to work my whole life and paid those taxes too! CALL A LAWYER ASAP! Because my family, the doctors, etc. etc. helped me, they put me on disability at the 6 month mark after my brain bleed. I wish I could help you…we had a brain injury, worked our whole lives and can’t get Disability???That doesn’t make sense at all!

Hang in thre and again, I will pray and pray and pray for you!

Maybe at some point I will understand and not care. But I’m not at the point yet.