How long can we expect the brain swelling to contiue getting worse

My husband is 14 most post gk surgery for an avm in the pons.
he continues to get gradually worse every week.
does the swelling go down and the left side stroke symptoms get better at a certain time.
We have gone for accupuncture, the first treatment gave him four hours of great relief. The second treatment, not so good, but we aren’t judging anything. The dr. is also teaching him how to retrain his brain to help compensate for the damage done by the swelling.
Just wondering if there is a time we can look forward to.
Thankyou all for your support and suggestions. It is such a relief to know you aren’t alone

Hi Jan. Click on the 2nd link I mentioned earlier. Look on the upper right hand side to join. I believe there is bound to be someone there who can help you. Also, did a search on the word Pons