How long post surgery did it take you to get your life back on track?

I had my operation in early 1989. That year is still missing from the memory. It was a year before I got about 80% recovery. I've stories of plane rides at 6 months where I collapsed on the ground after landing and couldn't get up for half an hour. Or just sitting in a car for a couple of hours and had to take a nap to recover when I arrived.

Then, my daughter was born about 4 months after the surgery, so it's hard to judge. I'd say I got about 90% recovery eventually. Memory never did come back all the way.

Recently, I had a doctor tell me to remember where I was when I think about where I am. I told him I was not impressed with what I've accomplished in my life based on school and age and all. He told me to think of where I am considering I had an AVM and was lucky to be alive. It's just a matter of perspective, but it helps me.

I had my crani at the end of June 2010. Only a few weeks after around the 4th of July I was up and going making salads. I did not feel up to going to the fireworks show at that point but I was up and going some. Just felt tired. My first real outing was around a month later where I attended a real concert people thought I was Nuts! LOL But I’d had the tickets for a very long time and was determined to make it and i did, again just a bit sleepy by the end of the night. Things are as they’ve always been in my life and I feel wonderful!

I had a craniotomy at the end of August 2010 and my life is still not back on track, but I am feeling much better. It’s all the other things surrounding this that have gotten me off-track.