How long to heal

my son luke had his surgery last week and i really dont know how long he will take to heal and get back to normal activities he looks well but afraid of him doing to much to soon

Hi Sam,

There’s a different balance for everyone, of how much time they want to focus on resting and healing, and how soon they want to start feeling normal (or figuring out the “new normal”). I’m on the side of resting, since the brain needs a lot of time to heal, but I know that you have to consider the psychological effects of being kept out of all the ordinary activities, too. It might be a good idea to set up some compromises, where Luke can participate in things but only up to a point, and the boundary can be relaxed more and more as time goes by. Keep an eye on him for fatigue or emotionality, as signs that he’s getting to the end of his resources for the day and needs to relax. Having one of his friends over for low-key activities might help him relax without feeling like he’s being punished.

Healing continues for up to 10 years, and no one sits still for that long! But in the early days, you want to be careful about swelling and other immediate effects of surgery. You’ll feel it out as you go.

It sounds like it was a successful surgery, if you’re already thinking about getting back to activities! Good news.


Sam, other than contact sports or activities that involve jumping, there is not much your son should not be able to do once he feels up to those things. His balance could take some time to adjust, but he will figure out that one real fast.

Congrats on a successful surgery. That’s wonderful!