How long were you in hospital? who did you miss most?

i am booked in to have my AVM embolised on the 17th and the craniotomy on the 23rd to remove it....
has anyone else had a similar time-frame with their procedures, and did you stay in hospital for very long?
i was told to expect to stay the entire time since the embolising, though if i am well enough i may be able to go home for a few days inbetween.
and how long did you stay after? i am told a week minimum.
it's going to kill me being away from my baby girl

she is 4 months old and i am breastfeeding

so i have to take my pump and regularly "empty" myself to keep the supply healthy, though she cant drink any of it until the meds are gone, or the pain relief is mild enough to be okay for her.
i am lucky she takes a bottle and will drink formula in the mean time

but i will miss her so much! baby needs her mummy. also i will miss my 23 month old son, but he will be with his beloved ouma and probably wont notice i'm gone :(

For us, embo was done one day, overnite in ICU, then discharged directly from there. For crany, ICU for 1-2 days, then regular room for 1-2, then discharged.

Suggest you take a MP3 player or something to block the NOISE once you are in a normal room. Anything to get some quiet.

Ron, KS

Hi Claire,

When I had my 1st embo done I was in the hospital 3 days. With the 2nd embo I just did an overnight in the ICU.... At the time my son was just about to turn 3 so I missed him a ton and I was so happy that he didnt realize what was going on! I just had a gamma knife treatment done again and he is 6 and could understand and that was hard. Hopefully you get to go home for a few days in between. As for the crany I dont know I wasnt able to have one. Good luck and let us know how you are doing when you can!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs and prayers from New York ~Andrea~

For my embo I was in the hospital for 3 days. After surgery I was there a day shy of 2 weeks. The only reason why I was there for so long was a small bleed occurred during my post op angio. I missed my boys so much! I worried about them more than I worried about myself.

How long was I in the hospital ?

10 days ICU, 4 days regular room, two months recovery at home.

Who did I miss the most ?

My two beautiful children,

My lady and my love, My Nellie.

My brother and my sister.

(please see "My Page" for details)


I had my craniotomy done on 03/09, I was at the hospital for 2 weeks. My son was 15 months you are right....I was missing him a lot.....I was praying to god that everything will come out okay....I did not see when he walk is first steps...

BUt we have to be strong and have faith.... They know how is mommy...Wish you the best and good luck on your surgery...God bless you...