How many of you

Sorry if i am asking for a second time the same thing is this memory disorder.Ok, i was curious last night because after the bleed i had an edema and they revomed in the craniotomy my skull but they never gave my skull back instead after some months i had a plastic surgery to replace the missing cranial bone with synthetic grafts.And i was ondering how many of you have done the same thing (replace with graft)

ihad two craniotomies last dec. the first they put the piece back in, the second because my original problem was and infection in my brain and endema they left the piece out till august. some one got smart and decided maybe the piece of skull might have some of the infection on it so i got a graft. my doctor told me it would fit perfectly…not. i guess i’m stuck with a long ridge for a scare. it was after the last surgery they figured out i hsd 2 avms…mirror images…from the first two surgeries. i had one embolized in dec. i’m waiting for the appointment for the second.

They had mine removed and thrown because they said i had 0.1% possibilities to survive