How to Deal with Depression Mood Swings

I need help. My Hubby seems to be having these Depression Mood Swings that I don't know how much more I can handle. I'm starting to believe his AVM is main contributing factor even though he may deny it. After he found a job in CA that allowed us to return back home, I thought things were getting better but now it seems his unhappiness is draining the both of us. Maybe it's a macho thing or him being homesick since he went ahead to CA before us, but it's starting to affect everyone else around us and putting ME in the middle. I'm trying to be patient and be there for him but sometimes it seems I'm the enemy and I just cannot make him see what I see. I cannot get meds or counseling for him since we don't have insurance but even so, it would be hard to convince him to seek help. All I know today is the choices I make is because I have to make them for the sake of me, the kids, and his AVM coming back. He just won't accept that his AVM has changed US. Any advice?

I am sorry to hear of your situation.

Even without insurance, I would urge you and the kids to get some counseling (hopefully free or low cost). At some point, you have to look out for your and the kids’ well-being. Hopefully, he will see how it is helping you and join you.

Our family attended some counseling following the AVM ordeal, and it helped us. When you face a life altering or potentially life ending situation, it’s not an easy thing to process. Fortunately for us, a very helpful counselor helped walk all of us (individually and together at times) through it–it really helped us.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

It is like we were reborn again, it is hard getting used to this please have patience with him…We feel frustrated and everybody feeling sorry for us…But we do understand that family are the ones that keep us going…I do understand hes position because I was workaholic…Since i was diagnose I was mad to everybody… But the love of my family is the one that got me going trough this please have patience with him and be always happy around him…Having somebody happy around us and we positive thinking are the ones that make us thinking and positive attitude…I know is hard but give sometime…Please do not give up…Good luck and god bless you…

Many of the medications that treat some forms of depression and manias are available in generics, and your doctor can take this into account when they prescribe medications if necessary. So I urge you to gt him to a doctor. One of the hardest things to do is to convince someone they need help. So see your primary doctor first, and mention it during the visit, so that maybe he can see that he needs some help. You’re in my thoughts…