How To Make Our Community Easier to Find

A member of our sister site posted a tutorial on how to make our community easier to find on the internet by linking to us from your blog. It makes a huge difference to Google in making us easier to find. I’m pasting the tutorial here. The original is located here: Thanks to Alicia of for this.

BEGIN ALICIA'S TUTORIAL---------------------------------------------------

I was asked to share how to post a chiarisupport badge on your site or blog.

Posting the badge on your site or blog is fairly easy. It is a good way to share with others this site and let others know you are apart of this community.

It is on my blog:

First on the Home Page under "Main" on the right side column you may have noticed a box that says "Badge" and my photo (yours will be there on your own page)

Click "Get Badge" under the badge to get the badge. It will take you here:

On this page you can customize your badge. You can change the size. 3 options. Change the background color and the text color. You can share it on facebook. Add it to Myspace. The embeded code at the bottom is what you click and copy to paste on your site or blog.

Now depending on what blog you have or site there will be a different place to put it.
I have Blogger. Under "Design" they have "Add a Gadget" where you can select the HTML/Java Script Gadget and paste the embeded code there. I can give more detailed instructions if I know what everyone is using.

To see what it looks like on another site customized here is mine below (also just updated with new post on Chiari Walks!!)

If you have any questions on how to post it somewhere, please feel free to ask me!:)