How to tell if its a Bleed?

If everyones symptoms are different, how do you know if you’re experiencing a bleed? I have spent HOURS pouring over everyones stories here, and no two are alike other than really bad headache, which I have, also experiencing nausea, weakness and slight tingling on right side, but both of those could be explained away, and i am all alone with my son and no one to watch him and/or take me to the hospital even if I thought I should go, which I am still not sure. I wish there was a clear tell tale sign. I guess if I wake up in the morning and its still like this i should get some one to help me go to the hospital? Or is it ok not to go? Opinions? I have felt like this the last 3-4 hours. Maybe I need to research it more.

I’ve been told it’s the worst headache of your life, so when I’ve gone to the ER, it’s been when I feel that. The thing is, I’ve been finding out that my worst can get worse! If it is a bleed, you’ll sure be glad you went…and if it’s not, at least the hospital can give you relief from the pain.

Jo I am going to bash you, I know its a pain ad far away but i think you should go , take we man with you if you have to but stop messing about and get there. Jo if I was over there I’d bundle you up and take you so please go now babe I am seriously worried about you

I’d listen to her if I were you, Jo…Amanda sounds like she gives a mwan bashin’! Seriously, I think you should go too. Take your so with you if there is no one to care for him. If you won’t do this for yourself, do it for your children. They need their mother alive!

Thanks guys, I’m up, headaches gone from bad to horribly horribly worse, just got up to take some pain meds actually, and now whole right side is numb, but a dear friend said probably just stress, and I did have alot of stress yesterday, and to be honest, I dont have it in me to fight with any hospitals or docs to get anything done, so i think i will just crawl back into my warm little cocoon, someones here to take care of kids now. I’ve had bad migraines before, they havent felt like this, but what do I know lol, lets hope for the best eh? Maybe this is for the best especially if not a bleed, dont want to waste anyones time. Love you all and thanks for the advice!

Please get it checked to ease your mind…and to be sure, as you said there is no true way unless you have it looked at, be safe…Caroline

Hi Jo,
I’m new to this group but had a bleed about 6 years ago. It really felt like nothing - I was so use to severe headaches all my life that I paid no attention, got a random MRI at the pleading of my then boyfriend (now fiance), and was told that I had an “AVM” (had never head of that phrase before) and it was bleeding slowly. Just go get it checked out - please. Its not worth it to wait. If someone didn’t push me to go I wouldn’t have, and I’d be dead. Please go.

Please, please, please, please go to the hospital, Jo. I’m very frightened for you, as are many of us. Your body is telling you what to do… no offense, but your “dear friend” doesn’t have an AVM, we do. please listen to us!

Love. Connie

i still have a wicked headache but I am still alive, so I must be fine, dont worry about me please, all is well

well we have to worry about you as your not doing enough 0of that for yourself! How is the numbness Jo, any better? what date is your appointment again, you better remember and mention all this or else Grrr

Here in Amaerica, just tell them that you have an AVM and that you think you may be having a brain bleed and they’ll bring you in right away.

Guys I’m fine, its a migraine, dont worry, if my whole family doesnt give a crap then I guess I’m fine right? They know all.