I am a big ole dork!

okay so I was messing around with my profile at work (bad Lianne, I know) and somehow I must have clicked on “leave group” I vaugly remember it asking if I was sure but I was only half paying attention. so after a desperate facebook post and emails back and forth to Shalon to see if they had kicked me out of the group to which she replied they had not (I mostly believe her I guess) anyway basically all my brilliant blogs, dynamic discussions, fabulous pictures and perfect comments on your pages are all gone:( it is if I never exsisted so I must start anew, make new friends and hopefully keep the old ones. so long story short (well sorta short anyway ) I am a big dork and have learned my lesson about not goofing around at work :slight_smile:

Somehow I think that this lesson will fade from your memory and you will be back to goofing around at work soon…like tomorrow! Like I am right now! ha!

Note to self- remember to ask Ben what it means when you choose to “Ban Member.” Just kidding!!! Love you! Would never ban you from our AVM family!

Lianne-THANK YOU !!!
I was feeling silly having made two of me…until now…being in such good company makes me all smiley again !

Of course I will Shalon! I just wont go changing anything, I will juat babble mindlessly like usual… no more banning of me!
I am glad I could be of service Marianne, if nothing else I here to make sure noone feels sillier than I!

This is pretty funny Lianne b/c Shalon was just commenting about people’s bad work ethic…HA HA!

I know I added my 2 bits to her status on FB 2night! I suck I know…oh well life goes on!

Ha Ha Ha!!! That is funny Kim! I totally was complaining yesterday about people having no work ethic… meanwhile who am I to talk??? I’m constantly “sneaking” onto the board when I’m supposed to be working!!!
I like to pretend I can justify my sneaking with two reasons-
A. I’m the boss and on salary
B. I work a million hours overtime with no compensation (see justification A!)
So ya, my work ethic can’t possibly be in question, right? RIGHT!!! It’s isn’t the least bit hypocritical of me to expect my employees to have a work ethic that I don’t…

lol Lianne,thats something I would do,:slight_smile: hugs,caroline

Hey Dorkey! Only goof around when Big Bad Boss is in his office otherwise come play as ever :wink: x