I am afraid from the Risk of Angio,

Hey Every one,

I have had 3 times Angiogram and Embolize, But still i have head ache specially in the winter time,
when i inform my Doctor he recomended Angiogram , But when i asked him about the risk he said yes always there is a low Risk of bleeding,

so now am in Dilema , what can you advise me , to stay with headache and other risks or to face the risk of Angiogram,
please share me your Experience ,


Hi Michael. Angiograms are still the best way to see an AVM. We refer to the test as The Gold Standard on here…meaning it is the best test…http://www.avmsurvivors.org/main/search/search?q=Gold+standard . 2-3 million a yr are performed in the US. Not just for the brain but for the heart as well. As with any medical procedure there is always a risk of some kind of complication. You will be in my prayers!

I am afraid of having an angiogram, too. However, the thought of not knowing whether my AVM is fixed is scarier than having the angiogram. I am scheduled to have angio on feb 27. I hope this helps.

Hello Michael
I have only had one so far last month and they want to another one in 2 months. I understand you not wanting another one. Is your pain the same when it was found out you had the AVM? For me the risks of not having the angiogram and esp not knowing and feeling like every little pain or noise in my head was leading to something serious. Even though my head still hurts I am glad I did it. If you also have the same doctor and nothing bad has happened with him I would feel comfortable going in for the angiogram. I think you need to see a pain specialist who can help you after the angiogram- I am seeing one and we are still trying to find the right pain med for me

Michael, I guess it depends on toooo many factors, for which neither of us have control or understanding. I for one will risk a lot to rid myself of these headaches and dizzy spells. Quality of life drains not only me but often those around me and I find myself avoiding situations where I become a hindrance. So, not knowing what you feel and or your tolerance levels I would say we must chose for ourselves on how to approach the conditions we are in. You are doing what you need to now and that's a lot, be strong, be confident, I have seen that there are no easy choices with our conditions so god bless you and be at peace with your choices.