I am avm - free

IF YOU WANT TO SPEAK WITH SOMEONE WHO IS AVM - FREE please look here… If you are AVM - FREE and would not mind being contacted directly through this site then please add your name here. Thank You

The purpose of this page is to make it eaiser for users and especially new users to be able to find out which members here are AVM FREE.

i’m free now

I’m AVM free as of Aug 2008. Anyone who has questions is more than welcome to contact me.

i am AVM free, quite happy to talk with others

My husband is 3 and 1/2 week avm free and I am happy to chat to people who have family members with avms and how it feels post op from a carers point of view xx

hey mich, anyone can contact me

margaret xxxx

My 10 year old daugher is AVM free! It was a whirlwind month we had in May. We had no idea what an AVM was when she had a massive bleed on May 3rd. By the end of the month the AVM was out.

I was just diagnosed, I’m scared. Is surgery really risky? Will I ever be the same after if they do surgery? What are complications then can arise and or what side effects could I experience after? I haven’t heard from my Neurosurgeon yet, just the Neurologist to explain what they found on my MRI. I’m 38, have 3 childrena and a husband and I’m a little freaked out. :frowning:


Hi Rachel,

You may or may not be able to have surgery, depends on the size, location of avm, and other factors. If your doctor does not recommend surgery then can recommend other treatment options as well, or they could tell you to leave it alone and monitor it. I KNOW brain surgery sounds like the worst. My husband had an AVM (no bleed) and ended up having it removed by surgery. He has very little deficits now and is doing fine. Please check back after your see your neurosurgeon. It’s great to have everyone on this board!