I am confused! Can an avm come back and how does that happen?

I had 2 separate avms embolized and another one obliterated with a cranio. I thought once they were gone, they were gone. I am now having some of the same symptoms prior to treatments. Is it possible they didn’t get them all or a new has developed. Wouldn’t that pretty rare?

From my research, there is 5-6% chance of regrowth. Mostly in youth that are still growing or with people with diffuse AVM. Also, in immediate post-operative angios, the inflammation in the brain can hide residual AVM. We are facing this possibility right now, and it sucks. I was also under the impression that embolization wasn’t necessarily a permanent option, since the material used can migrate.

I am sorry to hear that you are going through this.

Kris, I just read your discussion about your son and the possibility of another cranio. I am so sorry you have to deal with this decision again. I just didn’t realize there could be a regrowth. I thought once the Dr’s say it gone, then that’s it, it’s gone. I sincerely wish you the best and that you will make a choice you can be at peace about and that your son will finally be done with all this. Take care.