I am from india .. Avm+Fibrous dysplasia

I dnt know what to type yet my case is prolly most complexed one here e because its not just the avm but many other things that adds to it since i have other issues too .

I still bleed ( minor from nose ) mine cant be fixed permanently

i have been embolised 4 times already . longback though
good thing now is that i have learnt to live with my avm now . i really hate going to hospital . also i joined this forum hoping i get to attain some knowledge on my problem . ill keep typing more . i have avm in brain on my face and god knows where not …

things i know which can help if u avoid

  1. Excercise , running and stuff like that
  2. Alcohol smoking
  3. some other food which am not sure yet to avoid but i avoid them anyway

things which help

  1. Staying cool , meditation , not worrying much , staying away from hospital , having good family and frnds

  2. no physical hardwork

i am from india too… where are you from and how did you found your AVM?

i am in andhra pradesh … found out when i had heavy bleeding from nose and mouth arnd 10-11 yrs back . almost felt like i would die