I am having problems with my medication, What are you taking?

Hello I am taking Ultram right now and was taking Fioricet. The Fioricet worked ok. But the Ultram gets rid of my headache and leaves me with a headache that covers my whole head, like a tension headache, which quite frankly is not any better than the first one. When I get my pain I know the difference between an AVM headache and normal headache. The pain scale can be anywhere from a 3 to a 7 on the scale of ten.
Any other medicines that you have found to work well? There has to be something that I can take so when i wake up I don’t have a whole different style of pain. If I take the medication on a daily basis, it knocks out the AVM pain but leaves me with this non stop tension style headache. Any opinions?
I forgot to add that my AVM is untreatable so medication is my only option. Thank you for your input… ; )

My neurologist has me on Propranolol for my headaches. It’s technically a beta-blocker (blood pressure medication) but it also happens to help prevent headaches. Worth looking into… Unless, of course, you already have blood pressure problems.

hi john,
i am on a anti convolsant called topamax which i have also heard is fantastic for miagraine prevention… best of luck in your search for the right med …i hope you find one that works for you soon

HI John
I, too, was on Topamax for over a year for head pain and cluster headaches I developed after the second craniotomy. It helped tremendously. I would still be taking it but the Insurance carrier decided they didn’t want to pay for it any longer.

hello i think you are referring to whats known as a rebound headache…i myself took and am still taking fioricet as its the only thing that works for me…i dont knw what ild do without fioricet…its the best…also remember we cant take a class of drugs known as triptans as it can cause a bleed…triptans are imetrex …maxalt…zomig…and we cant take nsaids such as advil etc i thought that ultram was an nsaid…just be careful…also if you find something that works pls let me know…thanks…my avm is extremely large for any treatment unfortunately…however it is in the parietal and occipital lobe…my sight is very poor due to the fact the avm is in the occipital lobe which is the lobe for eyesight… good luck!