I am scheduled for radio surgery April 30!

Does anyone have any advice?

Sorry Jim, but i haven’t dealt with the radio surgery. I do, however, want to wish you luck tomorrow. I’ll be thinking about you. Remember slow, deep breathes, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Cleansing breathes help to calm you down.

is that gamma,if so thats what i had over a year ago,itsnot bad,you feel a bit tired for days,you dont feel the radiation at all,is this a halo or mask,they seem to do both,i was not fond of the halo,dont much like shots,chicken here,but in all its not bad,just takes longer to work,but it does in time!!I was tired for a few weeks after lost a tad of hair in the area of the radiation,came back,you do get to go home the same day,its good,amazing what they can do!!!

cant help you out with the radiosurgery stuff sorry…just wanted to wish you the best of luck…i will be thinking of you and you are in my prayers stay strong and positive xxx

Ihaven’t had radio surgery, but I want to wish you good luck tomorrow. I’m praying for you, Jim.

I hope everything went well today with your treatment. Looks like you will have to come back soon and share your experience with everyone! Hope you are resting and recovering with a smile!

Hope all went well with your radiosurgery. I had the treatment back in Sept '06. Did it on an outpatient basis for five days. Very tired afterwards but then got back to normality. My AVM is in my cerebellum so I go for regular MRI’s. When you are up to it give us an oudate on how you are feeling. Best Wishes.

Hello Julia, you said you felt very tired after your radiosurgery-for how long? How long did it take you to get back to noramality. It has been almost a week for me since I had the procedure and I still feel wiped out. I don’t know if it because of the radiation or a combination of things-anyway. Any feedback would be appreciated.

I had gamma in Feb 07. I was tired for a while but still functional, as long as I slept minimum 10 hours.

Your brain is healing itself, so tell people to leave you alone and let you sleep as much as you need to! :slight_smile: