I cant do it

thank you so much i'll try :-)

Hi esther06
I Really feel For you, Please Try and Stay Strong And Think Positive.
I'm Thinking Of You.
God Bless You x

I need a break sometimes to be strong enough to go back at it. The break can be a walk with my dog, a crappy movie, a nap, some fb/YouTube time or even a snack. Some days I need all of those-lol. Can I help by suggesting hilarious YouTube videos?

Oh, the memories.

I used to get so down on myself when I worked so hard yet didn’t see any progress. You know what, though? I’m so glad that I did it anyway.

I know first hand how frustrating it can be, but it was totally worth it for me, and I don’t regret a single bit of it…even if I seemed to be on auto-pilot for some of my therapy sessions.

Yea sure! Thanks so much

Thanks I’ll carry on!

Thanks Crystal, God bless you too xx

It helps me to try to think of improvement in 6-12 month chunks. If I look back a year, I can see quite a bit of progress but if I look day to day it gets incredibly frustrating. Hang in there and keep working at it. Over time you will figure out ways to work around the deficits and be more functional. For me this has been a very long process with good days and bad days.

Thanks so much xx